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Begin the first level of codes….

Grades Three-Six ICT Learning 2016

Each student is given a rubric containing a combination of computer skills outlined from our levelled footsteps displayed on the ICT room windows. Learning is broken down into small steps in language that is easy to understand for students, allowing children to see what they are trying to achieve, what they have to do to be successful and the ‘steps’ they have already made regardless of their current level of development. This approach ensures that all students are appropriately challenged, whether they are working below, at or above their expected level of progress.

I run small workshops within each session and students are able to join in at their own will. (However, some are encouraged!) These workshops enable children to be extended if needed or it can also be used as a support for those that require one-on-one assistance.

Children at Eastbourne also have the opportunity to combine their Arts expertise with ICT by creating music and artwork for many of their incredible projects.

We also offer a language unit during ICT. We use a program called Duolingo and students are encouraged to complete Spanish lessons. Each language in Duolingo is broken down into a tree of skill levels and individual lessons, which consist of several challenges. Students earn skill points by successfully completing lessons and working their way through the skill tree at their own pace. Most students are currently working their way through Basics 1 to begin with, which includes common phrases, food, animals, clothing, colours and questions.

For a bit more info, check this link out      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OebgtUjLg4

By the time our children are old enough to know what is going on, their digital footprint is detailed. And the quality, safety and appropriateness of that footprint is entirely dependent on the parents they were gifted with.

Something for parents to watch

Here’s our new link for our 2016 ICT students…

http://ict2016.global2.vic.edu.au/ Users from 2015, please click “Follow” above this screen and then once you’re in add this new link to your favourites bar.

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