Grade 1

ICT Level 1 ‘I can’ challenges;

  • I can turn on and shut down a computer, laptop and iPad.
  • I can learn about things from pictures, videos and websites on the computer.
  • I can save my work in my folder on S drive. (Ctrl S)
  • I can open my files.
  • I can open and close programs and apps. (F4)
  • I can type my story in a Word document.
  • I can insert pictures and words in a slide show.
  • I can play year level appropriate games from eduSTAR Tab.
  • I can use CODE to create a short GIF (PIVOT)

During week 9 students had some fun being involved in ‘The Hour Of Code’ using some computer science.

Ayla was awesome programing the dragon.

Theo and many others really enjoyed creating some MINECRAFT skins. Here’s Theo’s ‘Evil Snowman”



For Halloween we created some silly scary formatted images…

This week the grades one and two students have begun learning how to format and crop images. The images are hilarious. Here’s some for you to view…

The pivot animation projects that the students made were very entertaining…some of the background creations were also outstanding. Their skills using the ‘Paint’ program were very high after practising for a few weeks.

Here’s some backgrounds they created…

Netsmartz Games

Video ‘Know the rules’

  1. Check First
  2. Tell people “NO!”
  3. Tell a trusted adult…

Word Clouds ABCYA

Go Noodle Log in using our school username (See Below)

 The find your class!

Grade one students have been working hard practicing their new learning goals. They began learning how to use their student codes to log in. This is a grade 3 step however many students have already mastered this. These are the next learning goals we’ve covered so far during term one 2018; Opening Word, editing text, inserting an image and border. We focussed on Cyber Safety and DT Rules for this topic. We also had a play using Paint when we created our avatars. Some students are nearly confident at saving their own documents into our school network drive. Here is some avatars we saved to share with you…

At the end of the year I ask the grade 3-6 students to post a comment underneath their year level page on this blog and use this as a guide to plan for 2018. The grade one students tell me what to type and we post a grade ‘Reflection’. Check out room 21 and room 20’s reflection right down the bottom of this page.

It’s assessment time so the Grade 1 students have been busy working on their post tests to show the learning growth made throughout this year. I’ve attached the ‘Brief’ for students to follow and I will upload some examples of students that have made incredible progress in DT this year.

Alphabet post test-2mq6tj7 Brief for using Word

PIVOT Animation Projects & post-assessment T4-x1h12s

We had some fun on ‘Halloween Day’ creating spooky pictures using PAINT. Then we all played a game to enhance our mouse control. This was also a ‘Halloween’ theme. Many of the students in grade one scored much higher than me.  Here’s some of the images created;

After the holidays we published work using the program WORD to tell Mrs Miller what we did…

We had some fun creating Easter eggs and hiding them from our partners in the Interactive Easter Hunt game.

Some students coloured in some Easter images.

We were learning about keeping Sun Smart. We watched a story and listened to a song, then we created a picture using TuxPaint.

Eva & Spencer did a great job with this task!


Some of the students are amazing at solving the puzzles in Maths Circus. Well done to these people…

 Hendrix r20Kody r21

Here’s some of the goals the grade one students have been working on this semester…g1

At the beginning of the year Kobie completed this…ggg1

At the end of the year Kobie completed this…

gg1 What an improvement!

Many other students have developed their skills using Word as well.

Grade 1 students completed their holiday report using Word. Some students have really improved! Come and view our ICT window where they’re on show.



During ICT we completed a pre-test using WORD at the beginning for term 1 and then a post-test during week 8 of term 2. We had to type our names and insert a picture. Some of us remembered how to do this and also change the writing to a different size, style and colour. Have a look at the improvements…I’m so proud!

dustyRoom 20 Post Test

jackTerm 2 Post Test 2 caitlynTerm 2 Post Test 3 Caitlyn can now insert images.

joshTerm 2 Post Test 4

Josh can now use snipping tool to get images from Google.


Grade 1 Table By Regan Grade 1 Table2 History Match

By Regan

During week 5 & 6 we work on these goals;

I can open Mrs Miller’s word document in the ‘Student’ drive

I can insert ICT equipment pictures next to the correct word

I can resize the pictures

I can change the font of the heading

I can save this into my folder using Control S shortcut

Some students finished these goals and were able to print out their work. We all still need to work on saving and opening documents a little more.

Connor, Joshua M, Lochlan S, Phoenix, Milli, Alic, Josh, Leila, Zulmira, Michael & Regan will need to be extended into grade 2 goals. Congratulations guys!!!

Week 5-6 work

Baden r21 Christmas brodie r21 christmas Tyson r21 Christmas

Brooke r20 Christmas 2 Brooke r20 Christmas Zayla r20 christmas

Room 20 created this movie using PIVOT

Grade 1s from room 5 created this movie using PIVOT

Room 21 Pivot creations….

Grade 1 Equipment Term 1 achievements

Our very clever grade 1 student Tarkyn created this by himself.

Dr Seuss – book week links Book week task term 3

Economics Project Term 3

Here’s some projects from Term 2…

Brooke room 20

Lyndon room 20

Logan B room 21

Izabelle room 21

 Holidays Aiden Room 20 Holidays Cam Room 20 Holidays Josh Room 20 Holidays Lyndon Room 20 Holidays Megan Room 20 Holidays Miah Room 20



2 thoughts on “Grade 1

  1. Room 21 2017 DT Reflection
    We are really good at typing, saving our work, going into our folders, we know some short cuts, logging on/off and playing heaps of new games.
    Next year we can’t wait until we learn about making movies and saving our work onto a USB, being better at other programs.
    We enjoyed using Google, ‘Go Noodle”, playing ‘Cool Maths Games’, using PIVOT to code, ‘ABCYA’, making a Christmas list,

  2. Room 20 2017 DT Reflection
    Our strengths in computers are playing ‘Maths Circus’, turning on the computers and turning off the computers, playing different games, using the program ‘Word’, inserting images onto our work and when the drop downs are not working we know how to search for the programs.
    Next year we hope to learn more about being eSmart, to remember our passwords, to learn more about coding like PIVOT.
    This year we enjoyed PIVOT and going on ‘Google the most.

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