Grade 2

Grade two’s ‘I can’ challenges;

  • I can edit my text (e.g. bold, centered, grow font).
  • I can type in a web address (www.___) and use search engines.
  • I can use spell checker to correct my spelling.
  • I can create and animate a slideshow or a clip. (Movie Maker or Power Point)
  • I can open and save my work in my folder on S drive.
  • I can type my story in a Word document.
  • I can take a screen shot and paste, crop, edit & format the image.
  • I can use the snipping tool & save an image in my folder.
  • I can use CODE to create a GIF using code studio and PIVOT.

During week 9 students had some fun being involved in ‘The Hour Of Code’ using some computer science.

 Nevaeh completed this program up to level 7. Amazing!

 Rreze and Isabella were amazing programing the animals in this coding game.

Our grade two students are really good at formatting images now. This week we had to choose two animals we’d like to be and then we had to use these skills to blend the two pictures.

We even created some silly scary Halloween images…

This week the grades one and two students have begun learning how to format and crop images. The images are hilarious. Here’s some for your enjoyment…

Grade two students were asked to build on their ‘Pivot Animation’ skills from last year by changing the file type to a ‘Gif’. Some of the students have an amazing talent in this area. Here’s some for your entertainment!


Create a movie using FUSE-Zimmertwins

Netsmartz Kids  Remember to use your student code to log in (First 3 letters of your last name and 4 digits.)

Grade two students have been working hard practicing their new learning goals. They began learning how to use their student codes to log in. This is a grade 3 step however most of the students have already mastered this. These are the next learning goals we’ve covered so far during term one 2018; Opening Power Point, editing text, inserting animated images, transitions, background designs and audio. We focussed on Cyber Safety and DT Rules for this topic. We also had create our own avatars and there was some very funny ones for me to view. Students are getting really confident at saving their own documents into our school network drive. Here is some avatars we saved to share with you…

At the end of the year I ask the grade 3-6 students to post a comment underneath their year level page on this blog and use this as a guide to plan for 2018. The grade two students tell me what to type and we post a grade ‘Reflection’. Check out room 6 and room 4’s reflection right down the bottom of this page.

Here’s some samples of the student’s work using Code…click on one of these to see the images come alive!

It’s assessment time so the Grade 2 students have been busy working on their post tests to show the learning growth made throughout this year. I’ve attached the ‘Brief’ for students to follow and I will upload some examples of students that have made incredible progress in DT this year.

Post-test Power point Grade 2-2dtt3gm

Thanks Lewcas and Blair for your awesome work. Wow you’ve both shown amazing progress this year!

Grade Two Students were asked to share about their holidays using some of the ICT skills they’ve been learning using ‘Microsoft Word’. Some of these skills are; formatting the page using colours, borders, text type and adding in images with frames. They were also asked to display their information using either paragraphs, a table or dot points.

Here’s my example and one of the student from room 6, Zulmira.

Zulmira       Mrs Miller 

 & Phoenix

Our Power Point skills are developing with our History Project

How Computer Games Work

After the holidays we published work using the program POWER POINT to tell Mrs Miller what we did…

We had some fun creating Easter egg designs and hiding them in a field for our friends to find. “Our very own Interactive Easter Egg Hunt.”


Sun Smart -Grade 2 goals they’re working towards in term 1

 Well done Chandler! R4

Zimmertwins Movie Maker




Here’s some of the challenges the clever grade 2 students have been working on


Here’s some of the goals we worked on using Power Point.

camp-blake Blake created this reflection about camp using SmartArt in Power Point.

Grade 2 students completed their holiday report using Word. Some students have really improved! Come and view our ICT window where they’re on show.



Grade 2 Term 2 eSmart        eSmart Lyndon R4By Lyndon R4

These fabulous grade 2 students have completed the whole Netsmartz game; Taylor, Izabelle S, Josh T, Cooper H, Bridie, Brooke H, Isabelle M, Jack K, Jaimee-Lee, Logan C, Megan, Mia, Richard, Trent, Tyrone, Zak M, Stephanie B, Logan B, Cameron, Maddison, Destiny, Tillie P, Sarah & Lyndon.

Congratulations to Izabelle S, Taylor, Josh T, Cooper, Logan B, Cameron, Maddison, Destiny & Tillie P for already beginning a grade three step. (Photography)

 Term 2 ‘I cans’ Learning about Power Point Presentations
Grade 2 Term 2 Well done Ella Mundy & Izabelle Suric for achieving all their goals. Next semester they will be working on some grade 3 goals. Here’s their projects for you to view…

Term 1 Week 3

During ICT we completed a pre-test to see what goals we remembered from last year. We were asked to explore ‘Encarta Kids’ and choose some information and an image of something that interested us. We then had to use snipping tool to capture the info and save it into our folders.

Some of us forgot how to use snipping tool, some of us forgot how to save because there is lots of doorways to go through to find our own folders. We will complete this task again next term and see if we’ve improved.

These three students achieved all of the goals and are now ready to begin different ones. Congratulations Noah, Tillie and Logan B!


Term 2 Week 9


  Today we made our own Avatars. We always need to be safe online! Here’s Room 4 & 6’s avatars they created using ‘Paint’…

 Hector’s World Games

Mrs Miller's Avatar AVATAR avatar Avatar

AVATAR avatar avtar avatar avatar avatar Capture flash love Ice avatar AVATAR!/home


aria r6 christmas jesse r6 christmasLILY

curtis hailey room 6 christmas Jaime r6 Christmas jesse r6 cristmas Jordan r6 Christmas Kaide r6 Christmas saxon R6

Hugh r4 ChristmasStar r4 Christmas

Chloe r4 Christmas cooper r4 christmas Dakota r4 Christmas Indi r4 Christmas Joshua room 4 Christmasstar christmas

Leon’s Movie Creation using ‘Windows Live Movie Maker’ Term 4

Blake’s Movie Creation using ‘Windows Live Movie Maker’ Term 4


Mrs Miller's t4Mrs Miller t4

XAVIERT4alex 4tindia t4

The JSS students learnt about Economics in term 3. This is one of the YouTube clips we searched for that helped us understand what economics is. Economics Project

Here’s Chloe’s awesome project on Youtube

Hayley Room 4

Hayley only wanted the baby dolphin in this image so she used the snipping tool to edit the photo.

Room 6 Snipping tool deklan room 6

Ashden & Deklan used the snipping tool to edit these images. Room 6

Dr Seuss – book week links Term 3

Cybersmart Project-Term 1 and 2

Here’s some students projects they completed this term…

Gerika room 4 Eric’s room5

Matthew room 5

Hailey room 6

Keira room 6

Sophie room 6

Star’s SmartArt Design Room 4

Star Room 4

Eric & Cooper’s SmartArt Room 5

Room 5 Cooper Room 5 Eric

Deklan & Jamie’s SmartArt Room 6

Room 6 Deklan Room 6 Jaime

eric room 5 holidays Matthew room 5Holidays Cam Room 6holidays room 6 JessieHOLIDAYS ROOM 6 KAIDEHolidays Room 6



2 thoughts on “Grade 2

  1. Room 4 DT 2017 Reflection
    Our strengths are using PIVOT, using Word, using the snipping tool, copying and pasting using the right click.
    We are looking forward to learning about emailing our friends and family, other Coding programs and finding different shortcuts.
    We enjoyed PIVOT, the Santa list, Zimmer Twins and getting better at using Word & Power Point.

  2. Room 6 2017 DT Reflection
    Our strengths in computers are saving our work, using ‘Word’, using coding like PIVOT and logging in to different programs.
    Next year we want to learn how to play Duo Lingo, more fun games, how to keep safe online and learn about old and new computer parts.
    This year we enjoyed playing ‘Cool Maths Games’, making the camp project, making PIVOT movies and making a Christmas list.

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