Grade 3

Grade three’s ‘I can’ challenges;

  • I      can create and organise my files into folders.
  • I      can use keyboard shortcuts.
  • I      can create and animate a slideshow or a clip using Power Point and Photostory3.
  • I      can use programs via the internet to create and publish work (e.g. tagxedo, collages).
  • I      can capture, download and edit pictures from a digital camera.
  • I      can use spell check.
  • I can enter my password and Username to get into DuoLingo & Netspace
  • I am aware of the difference between coding and mechanical options for making things happen

During Semester Two the grade three students researched and designed their own coding inventions. They learnt that in computer programming, ‘CODING’ is a language that tells the object what to do. E.g. Coding tells a microwave how hot & how many minutes to continue at that heat. CTRL +P tells the computer to print. The door opener isn’t a computerised mechanism. We push the button & a mechanical action pushes the lock out of the way so the spring pushes the door open.

We had some automatic bed makers, water spray alarm clocks, automatic dog feeders and heaps more!

Grade three students were asked to email their parents and Mrs Miller about their time at camp and also how they enjoyed their Spring holidays. Here are some of their emails;


After viewing the Cyber Buster invisit, grade 3 students were asked to create a poster about what they had learnt.


Create a Story

Safer Internet Day 2017 presentations

Middle and upper primary: Keep it sweet online

Audience: Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The presentation will assist students to:

  • understand their rights as a child for safety, respect and privacy
  • identify behaviours online from adults or older students which are inappropriate or unsafe
  • be empowered to identify and seek help from people within their trusted adult network
  • know where to find support when they are being cyberbullied or receiving unwanted contact.

With the help of classroom teachers, the presentation will feature polling and interactive questions.

cartoon boy and girl with sweets in background                                               


Well done to these students for completing their Pivot Projects; you can now view them on You Tube!

Hugh J=

Blake T=

Leon B & Xavier J you were so close. Hopefully next year we can finish uploading yours!

The shortcuts post-test results were amazing grade 3 students. Everyone really improved and showed growth from their pre-test from earlier in the year. We’ll do this again towards the end of next year and see if you know even more. Control S was the favourite one! These students know the most; Jesse, Jaylan, Blake, Riley, Sophie, Star & Rachel.

Term 3 Students are hoping to create a Pivot movie to upload to You Tube. Their first learning task is to create a background in Paint. Week 1 we created a picture about our holidays.

Paint Holidays corey gibbs Daniellejackson nilsen lachie


Jalal’s Term 2 Project            Blake’s Term Two Project       Saxon’s Term Two Project

Cooper Term Two Project                Chelsea’s Term Two Project

Grade 3 PowerPoint Term 2 The students above excelled and accomplished all their goals.


emily s places to goEmily’s places she’d like to visit!

Kayla Shortcuts Paint R14 Kyle Paint Shortcuts SHORTCUTS Hayley r13 Shortcuts tahlia c Paint Shortcuts r14

Task 1 Term 1 & 2 Goals ICT Grade 3 2015

Shortcut assessment level 3 4

MrsMiller's Duo Lingo

Kyle Room 13 tagxedo                                    Lachlan Fh Room 13 tagxedo Lydia Room 13 TAGXEDO1!!                                        Natasha Room 13 taxedo

DoppleMe Creation

DoppleMe Creation

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