Grade 4

Grade four’s ‘I can’ challenges;

  • I      can create ICT products for specific purposes in different areas of the curriculum. (Collages, tagxedos, photo stories, slide shows.)
  • I      can explain why we have passwords.
  • I      can capture, download and edit pictures from a digital camera.
  • I      can use spell check and other keyboard shortcuts.
  • I      can use graphics and text to show ideas in mind maps, tables, SmartArt.
  • I      can organise my inbox using folders.
  • I      can use specific words when searching for information (e.g. using the images or maps function in Google).

Our grade four students have been learning some more Cyber Safety skills after having an in visit from Constable Deneen during week three. Mrs Miller received some fantastic emails reflecting on this visit.


Students were also learning about different file formats and thoroughly enjoyed searching for GIFs. (Graphics Interchange Format. GIFs are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time.) Here’s some examples that were emailed to Mrs Miller as an attachment…Cute Dogs GIF link

Hayley B watched a short movie in the CyberSmart site called ‘Game On’. She posted, “I learned not don’t post rude things on peoples blogs becuase people all ways find out and dont share passwords to any one.”

The movie was about never sharing your password with anyone. Never play your game for too long because it takes over what you do in your life. You should set a maximim time to play. One hour a day is best. By Kaide R9

After viewing the Cyber Buster invisit, grade 4 students were asked to create a poster about what they had learnt.

Check out some of the grade 4’s cool robots they invented during Semester 2…2016

robot-t4-brooklyn1 robot-brooklyn4  robot-t4-brooklyn2 robot-t4-brooklyn3

robot-t-4-kobie robot-t4-ciara robot-t4-jay-l

robot-t4-chase-2 robot-t4-chase robot-t4-ciara robot-t4-jay-l robot-t4-katie robot-t4-kya-1 robot-t4-kya

robot-t4-kya2 robot-t4-lachlan robot-t4-lydia-bruechert

robot-t4-medeena-1 robot-t4-medeena-2 robot-t4-medeena-3 robot-t4-medeena-4 robot-t4-shannon robot-t4-tahlia-c robot-t4-tahlia-p1 robot-t4-tahlia-p2 robot-tahlia-p3 t4-robot-by-will-r-1 t4-robot-by-will-r-2

Grade 4 PowerPoint Term 2

Well done to these students for nearly completing all of these goals;

Will R, Tahlia D & Kyle K.


ethan o r7 cristmas

Jacynta room 8 reseach project Students were asked to email some survey questions to a person of their choice. They then used their answers to present their findings. Jacynta emailed me some interesting questions.

emily room7 reseach project Emily emailed Renae. Great job Emily, you certainly have fantastic PowerPoint skills!

lacey room 8 reseach project Lacey emailed her mum. Another amazing job!

foot print Ella Room 7 foot print summer room 10

Ella Room 7 & Summer Room 10 – Their semester 2 goals so far!

Task 1 Term 1 Goals ICT Grade 3-6 2015

We used Google Maps during Bookweek! The following two are created by Ellie & Dakota;

dakota places-to-go-p62mon-300x171 Ellie's Google Map

Shortcut assessment level 3 4

Emily’s Camp Project Room 10 (copy this link/URL & Watch this)

Grade 4 Project by Samantha Room 9

Grade 4 Camp Project by Corey Room 9


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