Grade 5

Grade five’s ‘I can’ challenges;

  • I can explain the benefits of using excel.
  • I can enter and sort data in excel.
  • I can edit and refine spread sheets.
  • I can use my data to create simple graphics.
  • I can use program sounds, objects and events in programs like Pivot, Scratch, Kahoots, and music programs.
  • I can organise my inbox using folders.
  • I can independently use graphics and text to show ideas in mind maps, tables, SmartArt, collages, tagxedos.
  • I can independently create a movie to share with my family at home using Movie Maker, Photostory3 or iMovie.
  • I can edit my own Learning blog using Mrs Miller’s Rubric.

All grade five students have been asked to solve the eSmart ‘Budd:e’  program before the end of the year. When students complete a task they are given a new part of their robot. These students have already showed me their robots completed.

Leon, Jai, Lily, Ruby, Oscar, Eric, Molly, Layla, Jason and Jamie from room 7.

Lachie, Saxon and Jordan from room 10.

Everyone else can use this link to complete their robot within the lesson. Make sure you show the teacher if you finish building your whole robot. Use snipping tool to save it into your folder.


Term 1 Learning goals; Many of the grade 5 students have already practiced a variety of learning goals and some students have even begun creating their very own blogs and subscribed their family and friends.

Please look at the very bottom of this page to view what your child published…

Term 1: First Reflection after our Infusion in the computer lab

I can log in using my student code

I can create folders using the shortcut (Ctrl/Shift N)

I can rename my USB

I am currently on ? on the trust chart so can/can’t use YouTube with the teachers permission

I am grateful for ? when I’m in DT classes.

Kyle enjoyed some extra time to create his own GIF using “Pivot”. Click on his published animated image;

At the end of the year I ask the students to post a comment underneath their year level page on this blog and use this as a guide to plan for 2018. I’ve put one example here and the others are found right down the bottom of this page.

All of the 3-6 students Rubrics are found on their learning blog along with a page with links to their Pre/Post tests. These assessments are revised every term and shared with their teachers and families twice a year. I enjoy looking at their progress. Please feel free to click on this link and have a go at some of the pre/post

Let’s begin!

Excel Post-test-22zu65l this is one of the Excel Pre/Post Briefs students have completed this year. Look at this progress from term 3 to term 4 from Kobie…


Pre-Test Term 3                             For his post-test he completed three different styles with his own data & graphics.


Our grade five students have been learning some more Cyber Safety skills after having an in visit from Constable Deneen during week three. Mrs Miller received some fantastic emails reflecting on this visit.

eSmart Buddie ‘learning about being Cyber Smart’ budde


camp-collage campcamp

We’ve had a lot of fun using the Olympics with our Learning Goals. here’s some fabulous messages we sent to the athletes.

Georgia r07 Jakob R10

Jazmynb room 9 samantha willis room 9

Mikaila w r7 christmas Mikaila Room 7

Online Platforms Graph Caylah r10 By Caylah Room 10 Matthew Online Platform Graph By Matthew Room 7Jye Room 8 Jye Room 8

Urban camp by Olivia r10

Task 1 Term 1 Goals ICT Grade 3-6 2015

Grade 5 Semester 2 I can Tasks

Dr Seuss – book week google map


Shortcut assessment level 3 4

Ben room 9 excel



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  1. Blog
    My goal is to do as many of these 5 things as I can.
    1.tag line
    4.sub friends

  2. I did a lot of things on my school holidays like I did oz child with people and we did activities. We went to a camp called, golden valley for 3 days and 2 nights. There was this lady that does live there and a golden, shiny and most beautiful dog and it’s a girl her name is sunshine, and some of my friends were there too, there names are Christopher, Jason, Zac and Samuel, and on sunshine’s eyes are like chocolate.

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