Grade 6

Grade six’s ‘I can’ challenges;

  • I can share my learning progress online. (Subscribing family members to personal blogs)
  • I can use social networking responsibly.
  • I can tell you the reliability of information that I find on the internet. (Complete the Copyright Brief)
  • I can use specific search symbols (“ _ , “ + – ) to improve my search results.
  • I can modify my online space to improve meaning content based on user feedback. (Using Global2)
  • I can add attachments and signatures to emails. (Add people to my address book)
  • I can enter and sort data in excel.
  • I can use graphics and text to show ideas in mind maps, tables, SmartArt, collages, tagxedos.
  • I can organise my inbox using folders and create widgets within my own blog.
  • I can create my own Game to share with my peers. (Multi-levelled)

Term 1: First Reflection after our Infusion in the computer lab

I can log in using my student code

I can create folders using the shortcut (Ctrl/Shift N)

I can rename my USB

I am currently on ? on the trust chart so can/can’t use YouTube with the teachers permission

I am grateful for ? when I’m in DT classes.

At the end of the year I ask the students to post a comment underneath their year level page on this blog and use this as a guide to plan for 2018. I’ve put one example here and the others are found right down the bottom of this page.

Most of the grade 6 students work is uploaded and shared within their own private blogs.

Congratulations Liam (room 19) for being our “Blocky Code” champion.

One of the Grade 6 tasks this semester has been to capture an interesting image of their favourite hangout at school.

my-photo dunking img_0886 photo-1

We’ve had a lot of fun using the Olympics with our Learning Goals. Here’s some fabulous messages we sent to the athletes.

hayley woollard r14 JARVIS R13 Katie Rm14


Grade 6 Science Term 4 2015 Thanks Mr Swayn….

Emmag G Page from her blogAn image from Emma’s blog. Teachers of inspiration!

Jonty’s Movie Creation Room 17

Online Platforms Graph HUNTTA RM17 online programs graph zack rm17

Hunntta Room 17      Zack Room 17

Well done Jordyn for completing your ‘Digital Licence’

Digital Licence

Ryder & Tess completed great Tagxedos using their teachers names!

tagxedo Ryder Grade 6 Tess C Tagxedo Room 19

scratch project r17 JYAN

Grade 6 Digital Licence ESmart students

Task 1 Term 1 Goals ICT Grade 3-6 2015

Grade 6 Semester 2 I can Tasks

you tube cyber bullying videos

Please ask your child to search for our ICT class bog and show you what we’ve been learning.



ANZAC powerpoint-ICT

ellies room 19 Ext task

Extension task-ICT Emma Room 19

Jonty rm 17 extension task Extension Task Jonty Room 17

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  1. I can rename my USB

    I am currently on green on the trust chart so can use YouTube with the teachers permission

    I am grateful because we are allowed to listen to music in ict sometimes when I’m in DT classes.

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