Every fortnight the grade three to six students at Eastbourne have been learning LOTE. Our school has decided to begin this learning experience by noticing some differences and similarities in cultural practices between Spanish speakers and Australian-English speakers. Students create a school account with Duo Lingo to practice speaking Spanish and also use a ‘Rubric’ to work through many of the key learning areas set within the Victorian Curriculum. Once students reach the learning goals set in level six, they then have the chance to begin learning a third language. Please have a discussion with your child and encourage them to teach you about some of the cultural practices they’re learning during DT. You may even be interested in joining Duo Lingo for yourselves! It’s free and there are many languages to choose from. Mrs Mackenzie has been learning French using Duo Lingo preparing herself for her next holidays. Bonne chance Madame Mackenzie!

How to set up a duolingo account?

To create a new account, click on the green “Get Started” button on www.duolingo.com and follow the instructions to create your Duolingo profile and start learning. If you already have a Duolingo account, you can click the “Login” button on www.duolingo.com to enter your email/username and password. The students at Eastbourne are within a school account, therefore they do not have their own profile pages to communicate with anyone not enrolled at our school.

The grade three, four, five and six students had a lot of fun working on their new ‘Speaking Spanish’ rubrics. We will be sharing some movies with you towards the end of the Semester. The homework for many of these students was to practise rolling their tongue and being able to say their name using a Spanish accent. Give it a go…

 Spanish Word Bingo

Spanish Songs

1 Spanish F-10 Sequence Foundation-Level 6-1abtc6w

LOTE Rubric-uzv5wu

LOTE Speaking the language-z0vd9z

Using ‘2Do it yourself’ create a game using Spanish and English language. For example, Memory-Match the greeting, Match the colour, Match the food, etc.