• I can sit at a computer on the chair and look after the equipment.
  • I can name the keyboard, mouse, screen, headphones, iPad.
  • I can use a mouse or touchpad.
  • I can use apps, games and some programs to help me learn about letters, numbers and tools. (With assistance-Reading Eggs & Matheletics, Charlie Chimp, Mouse Island.)

Playground Rules

It’s getting sunny outside so we have been singing our “Sun Smart” song. Sunsmart story  Then after we watched these clips we used Word to create a Sun Smart picture.


cbeebies games & activities

Go Noodle


ABC Kids

During Term 4 students have been working on some learning goals using the program ‘Word’. They are practising their typing skills, formatting skills within inserting images and saving their work.

Senses Games & Videos

During “Good Job Week” some of the Prep students tried some coding via ‘Tinker Coding for kids’. Well done to Chris, Shreya and Amelia for getting past level 3.

Taelan, Austin, Emily, Liam and Logan made it all the way to level 7!

In term three all our preps have been working on their ‘Reading Eggs’ and ‘Mathletics’ goals. These amazing students have already achieved their “Golden Certificate” and have began grade one goals this term. Room 1: Harper, Pixie, Zane, Brodie, Angus, Tyson and Ethan Jo. Room 2: Austin, Michael, Chris, Satchin, Taelan, Kiara, Emily, Hugh and Shreya. Room 3: Imogen, Amani, Mikey, Storm, Taylor, William B and Xavier B. r1: Shahaan Gill, Brodie Johnson and Diell Topali r2: Michael Dempsey, Taelan Smale and Emily Walters r3: Amani Blackwell and Taylor Young.


In week 9 Satchin even showed some of the students in room 2 how to use abcya to create an all about me poster. Here’s mine…

The Prep’s challenge this week was to complete some puzzles within Maths Circus. The following students managed to complete five levels…


These students tried every game within level 1…

This term our goal was to use the program ‘Paint’ to publish a picture of what we did in the holidays. Some of the Preps were amazing at using the ‘Paint’ tools. Austin, Chris, Hugh, Storm and Kiara loved using this program!



Easter Colouring

To start the term off the Preps were asked to use the program ‘TUX Paint’ to reflect on their holidays. The first learning goal was to open the program, the second learning goal was to type their first name and the third learning goal was to paint a picture of something they enjoyed in their holidays.

Here is some examples from room 1;

Our new 2018 Preps have settled in incredibly well. So far they have been playing ‘Charlie Chimp’ and ‘Mouse Island’ solving some of the puzzles and some of the students have even learned how to log into their home drive using the ‘Prep’ password. We have also been learning about safety online. We learnt the phrase; “TELL, BLOCK, DELETE” and how important it is to remain private when online.

Here are two avatars created by Tyson and Tully from room 1.

Wow the Preps have been working on a grade one ‘Learning Goal’ and managed to publish some work to bring home and share with families. Some students even extended into a grade two goal by discovering how to format an image. Here’s some amazing examples…

The ‘Learning Goals’ were;

  1. I can open the program “Microsoft Word”
  2. I can edit the text and type my name. (Colour, font, size)
  3. I can insert an image (Some students even found their own image using ‘Google’

During this Semester we have been learning how to solve many of the games using Maths Circus. Well done to these students for completing all five levels in the set time given during week 7…(You may have to click on each one to see their rather tiny name  above the dots.)


Taelan & Angus in room 6A worked so hard to get 4 puzzles solved.


We had some fun on ‘Halloween Day’ creating spooky pictures using PAINT. Then we all played a game to enhance our mouse control. This was also a ‘Halloween’ theme. Malakai’s and Gemma’s score were the highest when we began, first finishing on 2040 & 1535. Then more of our amazing Preps kept getting even higher scores. The highest was Theo on 2600. Here’s some of the images created;

Grades Prep 1, 2 & 3 used ‘Paint’                    Room 6A used TuxPaint

 Mrs Miller’s attempt!



1  TUX                                                2 WORD

Preps had to choose between two learning goals at the beginning of term 4.

  1. Using ‘Tux Paint’ our Prep level publishing program
  2. Using ‘Microsoft Word’ our Grade One level publishing program.

Here are some of the examples the Prep students published describing their Spring holidays;

Netsmartz Puzzles

During term 3 Preps are learning how to navigate around ‘Reading Eggs’ and ‘Mathletics’. Most will be able to independently log into their own accounts and successfully complete some of the learning goals. These Prep students have already achieved this goal in the first two weeks;


The Preps are also learning about being Cyber Safe and created a make believe avatar of themselves. Here are some examples;

Mrs Miller’s clever Prep Avatars


We had our first lesson using Tux Paint in week 8 of term 1. Here’s some students work…

Amelia painted a pizza slice & herself Jake wanted to paint Steve from Minecraft.

Xaiden, our visiting year 10 student, painted a picture of Makayla from room 2.

Here’s some of the websites we have been navigating around during term 1.


Sunsmart story After we watched these clips we used TuxPaint to create a Sun Smart picture.

Senses Games & Videos

Playground Rules

cbeebies games & activities

Well done to these students in 2016 achieving their ‘Reading Eggs’ goal early in term 2; Oskar T, Sapphire, Kody & Cass.

Balin is our Prep Coding champion for 2016. Level 13 in one lesson!


Sapphire is one of many students in Prep to begin some Level 1 ICT goals.



Kody is one of the clever students to complete a very challenging activity in the program ‘Maths Circus’.

This week the Preps used ‘Paint’ to create their own Olympic mascots. Here’s some of room 3’s amazing work!

mrs miller mascot Mascot Mrs Miller Mascot Mrs M

saxon r3  oskar r3kody r3 saphire r3airlie r3 charli r3 hannah r3 isabel r3

Room 6A designed their own mascots using the program Tux Paint. Jake was really good at completing this learning goal.

Jake r6a       Mrs Miller Tux Paint

Mrs Miller


DestinyDestiny Harrison Harrison

Jake JakeLukasLukas

Nikolas NikolasOliver Oliver


PatrickPatrickRiley Riley

Sharni SharniSol sol

Tahlia TahliaTrace Trace

Vernon Vernon

Preps had their first try using the program ‘Word’ during week 2 of Term 3.

These Room 3 students were successful completing some learning goals; Amelie, Charli, Hannah, Isabella Hodge, Kody, Oskar, Rhyne, Sapphire, Saxon and Tiger. Well done!

These Room 1 students were successful completing some learning goals; Natasha, Cass, Mason, Summer-Lee, Isla, Baylen, Jacob, Claire, Shane, Tanelle, Nevaeh, Tabitha and Jhett. Well done!

These Room 2 students were successful completing some learning goals; Tyrese, Balin, Abbey, Lacey, Ned, Hendrix, Lucy, Mia, Ruby, Natalie, Hunter, Melany, Taleah, Rreze and James. Well done!

I can open Microsoft Word

I can experiment with the font

I can type my first name

Good copy 2 Good copy


my holidays T23Term 3 W1 Goals      Term3 Prep

Here’s some of the websites we’ve been on;

go noodle     Bamb Word world  Fun with spot   Starfall    Play school

Here’s some of Prep 6A’s work from the Playschool site…

playschool 1 playschool2 playschool3 play school

Room 1     Room 6a     Room 2Room 3

After watching “Hector’s World” we learned how to be safe on the computer…

collage anzac


Term 2 ANZAC Creations using TUX Paint

We discussed Anzac day & Lucy created this master piece using Tux Paint!



In term one the Preps discovered how to play lots of fun games to reinforce their mouse and keyboard skills. We also created some amazing mouse avatars because we don’t like posting our photos online. Here’s some created by Room 3 and room 2 Preps…

Fred Room 3 Hunter Room 3 Kai Room 3 Linkyn Room 3 Mailda Room 3 Oskar Room 3 Saphire Room 3Abby Room 2Hunter Room 2Lacey Room 2Lucy Room 2

PrePrep Tux Paint Goals for Term 4

T4 Haylee

T4 connor

ryan Kim mrs miller

Day and Night 6a Day and Night using Paint Prep Term 3 Night time 6a Prep Paint Tangrams Room 3 Tangrams using Paint Room 6a Tangram Paint


Prep Paint Tangrams

We’ve also been experimenting with TUX PAINT. Hopefully your child has brought home some great work to share with you!

Cameron's work rm2                               Mia's Work Room 6a

Room 1 Holiday Report Room 2 Holiday Report pg2

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